Wuhobrans* - download and list of deliveries

*A Wuhobran is a plastic strip, which holds mask elastics behind your head instead of your ears.

All Wuhobrans are the work of volunteers and are uncertified. Wuhobrans are not a medical or safety product.

The use of Wuhobrans is completely at the users own risk, the manufacturers and distributors cannot be held accountable for anything regarding their use.

The product is a donation for medical workers and cannot be resold.

Distribution of Wuhobrans is limited to Slovenia, and the list of donations can be seen below.

Orders are currently closed for locations outside Slovenia, and may open after negotiations with our partners.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you are welcome to download our Wuhobran .stl file and print it for personal use or to make a donation. Selling Wuhobrans is strictly prohibited.

Delivered Wuhobrans (total: 9703)
Id Pošiljatelj Prejemnik Kol. Poslano