Meet our team

dr. Črtomir Podlipnik

His research interest and focus is on exploring relevant biomolecular systems, and with his valuable comprehensive knowledge in the field he is actively involved in a number of projects, including ebola research.

dr. Marko Jukić


Assistant Professor in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, working at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Maribor. Founder of bio-information company IntelliMol. He is involved in the design of new active substances, bioinformatics and the development of computer tools for the design of new drugs.

dr. Natalia Nikitina

Karelian Research Center

Research Associate in the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk, Russia. She is interested in organizing and promoting volunteer distributed computing.

Sebastian Pleško


Master’s student. He mostly works in the field of bioinformatics, identifying possible targets for novel drug development. Together with dr. Podlipnik he has worked on anti-Ebola research prior to this project.

Lorenzo Gilardoni

Master’s student at the University of Milan. He is primarily engaged in molecular simulations of biomolecular systems. He is also collaborating with BioSolveIT company in the project: Targeting for new therapeutic options for the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Gašper Tomšič

Pharmacy student at the University of Ljubljana, and a programmer. He has always been interested in medicine, viruses and organic chemistry. The desire for challenges and helping people led him to participate in research on the current epidemic.

Žan Pevec

Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science, currently the Head of Development at 1Home, which is involved in connecting smart homes with voice assistants. He is interested in technology and everything related to it.

Boštjan Laba


Businessman, programmer, he mostly works on development of specific applications for Windows. A researcher by heart, curiosity and humanitarianism led him to his role in the project.

Maxim Manzyuk

Specialist in IT, he supports the server side of distributed computing and constructs amateur computational clusters. He has been participating in volunteer computing for many years.

Tomo Kočar

Award winning writer, bachelor of organic chemistry and jack of all trades. He joined the project out of his interest in the novel coronavirus and wish to help humanity.