Docking suspended

After nearly two and a half years of continuous work, we are completing the project to molecular docking of molecules on biological targets associated with the disease COVID -19. During this time, we have developed our unique solution for distributing computationally intensive processes across a network of host computers. The project involved 542 computers of varying power. A total of 2,221,351 packages, each containing 1,000 molecules, were anchored to the targets. The targets we used for molecular anchoring were 174. We thank all the volunteers who have always participated in the docking process. With the discontinuation of the molecular docking server, our work in our open science project COVID.SI is not finished. We are preparing new activities that will allow volunteers to actively participate in various projects related to the search for new drug candidates or new materials. Volunteers are invited to extend the SIDOCK@HOME project that we are running under the BOINC platform developed at Berkley.

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